Battersea’s Annual Reunion

Bertie Basset Hound

Bertie the Basset Hound warming up his vocal chords.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is holding its much-loved Annual Reunion on Sunday 8 September 2013. The event, held at Battersea Park, attracts thousands of dog-lovers and their families every year, where former and present Battersea dogs can meet new faces and reunite with their old kennel buddies.

There will be a dog show with a variety of dog classes, games and fun activities for all the family and their canine friends from 11am to 4pm.

Clever canines will also be invited to showcase their four-legged skills and practised tricks in a new Battersea’s Got Talent competition. One revelling rover who hopes to show off his singing skills is Bertie the Basset Hound. The tuneful two-year-old has been using his singing skills to build an audience outside his kennel since being handed into Battersea because his owner couldn’t cope.

For more information visit www.battersea.org.uk