Daisy diets: 160-pound dog rescued 🌼

Daisy had lived alongside numerous other unwanted animals for five years in Texas. Despite the best of intentions, Daisy's self-styled rescuer/owner didn't have the money or time to properly care for all the creatures she had opened her home to, and Daisy suffered. When she was taken on by Forgotten Pet Advocates after her owner fell ill, Daisy had a 44-inch waist and weighed an estimated 160+ pounds (although getting her to a scale proved too difficult and stressful for her). Daisy had also suffered with flies irritating her ears continuously, and was understandably lethargic and incredibly depressed. Daisy is thought to be a Labrador-cross, but no one is sure, as her current body shape is so distorted.

When Daisy was rescued, she could barely support her own weight - a band wrapped around her body helped her walk, and it took three men to lift her into the waiting car.

Veterinary tests revealed Daisy has a hypothyroid problem, contributing to her huge girth, and she has old pressure sores on her joints. Treatment has included pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication, as getting Daisy up and moving will be essential to her physical and mental health in the coming weeks.

Slowly, Daisy is adapting. She is being fostered by a Labrador lover named Ann Beasley. In just a few weeks, Daisy has gone from being nervous and uncomfortable, rarely leaving her crate, to going for short wanders around her new home and garden. Having other dogs around her has definitely helped, as Daisy lived with two others in her previous situation.

"Daisy has turned a corner," wrote Ann on Facebook. "She seems to be fully comfortable in her foster home. She is coming out of her crate and interacting with everyone. Here she is hanging out with her foster brother Mikey."

One step at a time, Daisy!