Man photoshops Dachshund to the size she thinks she is

Mitch Boyer's Dachshund Vivian is like many Dachshunds. She is a big dog trapped inside a small dog's body. To help her, the writer and photo illustrator decided to use his skills to turn Vivian into the dog she thinks she is. The results are these brilliant comical photos.


Mitch says, "Initially, I was inspired after finding Romain Laurent's quirky photographic style. In one of his music videos, a giant head is laying on the boardwalk in Coney Island, while singing. That image stuck in my mind and was the seed that led to the rest of this project.


"Like many Dachshunds, my dog Vivian thinks she's much larger than she actually is. I thought it would be fun to make a photo series where her physical size was just as large as her personality."


The photo series has become so popular, Mitch has now turned them into a children's book. Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn is about a big dog moving to the big city. Mitch hopes the book will help children going through big changes, such as moving, by watching and learning as Vivian learns to love her new home. The pair have launched a Kickstarter campaign to get their project off the ground.

Mitch and Vivian

Mitch and Vivian at her original size

Vivian's not the first dog to get the supersizing treatment. See Juji, the giant Goldendoodle.