What's in our October issue?

The October 2016 issue of Dogs Monthly is on sale today. Inside you’ll find…

Spooked! – Overcoming secondary fear in adolescent dogs
"What's he saying?" – How a new book for children can help them understand dogs' body language
Weighty issues – The importance of exercise and weight management for Pugs
Chocolate Charlie & the supplement factory – How a Labrador inspired the founding of a natural health product business
Under the skin – Natural remedies for skin conditions
Breed focus – Alternative breeds for the Whippet
Doggie bow tie – Craft a smart fabric bow for your beau or belle
Breeding for behaviour – Why a puppy's first formative weeks with his breeder have a lifelong effect
An Act of Dog - The Stateside art project drawing attention to the crisis in US rescue shelters
Time well spent – How to make the highlights to your dog's day even more fun
Timmy the tearaway – Ensure problem behaviours in the home don't get out of hand
Epilepsy warrior – How Ally's battle with canine epilepsy is raising awareness for fellow sufferers
Secret diary of a dog trainer – Our undercover trainer reveals the truth of their trade
The HiLife Trophy – Meet this month’s nominees and find out how you and your buddy could be next
K9 Queries – Your questions answered by experts in their field on care, health, training, behaviour, insurance, grooming, breeding, puppy care, feeding and veterinary matters.

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