What's in our December issue?

The December 2016 issue of Dogs Monthly is on sale today. Inside you’ll find…

Families reunited – Meet the DogLost founder who's helped missing dogs find their way home
Major memories – An ex-police dog handler tells of the best canine colleague he ever had
Best in show – What's it like to enter a Scruffts heat for the very first time?
Urban explorer – Atmospheric images of a Bull Terrier named Claire
Dognapped by the vanload – Useful advice for professional walkers and dog owners against pet thief
Breed focus – Alternative breeds for the Chihuahua
Delicious dog treats – Make your own tasty bone-shaped snacks
Why "No" is a no-no – If you think your dog understands "No"
Pup Aid in pictures - All the fun of Pup Aid 2016
Loose connection – part two of our guide to loose lead work
Generation game – How to safely and sensitively introduce a puppy into your older dog's world
Act of aggression – A look at the causes of dog-on-dog attacks
Secret diary of a dog trainer – Our undercover trainer reveals the truth of their trade
The HiLife Trophy – Meet this month’s nominees and find out how you and your buddy could be next
K9 Queries – Your questions answered by experts in their field on care, health, training, behaviour, insurance, grooming, breeding, puppy care, feeding and veterinary matters.