What's in our January issue?

The January 2017 issue of Dogs Monthly is on sale today. Inside you’ll find…

Southern gentleman – Say hello to the Coonhound in the first of our new series on rare breeds
"A better future" – Meet the Dartford dog warden and shelter founder who's giving new hope to animals everywhere
Food from thought – The man behind Burns pet food explains how it all began
Animal magic – Turning discarded materials into vibrant sculptures
From street dog to show dog – Rescue dog Tommy struts his stuff in the Scruffts semi-finals
Breed focus – Alternative breeds for the Dachshund
Truly scrumptious – Make a custard cream biscuit dog bed
The Barkshire firefighter – Yorkshire Terrier Pelucchi creates a fundraising calendar with the help of his local fire brigade
Farewell, my friend - Do dogs grieve too when they lose a companion? Some ways to help them through
Waiting game – How to teach the super-useful 'wait' command
Terrier terrors – Bringing harmony to a three-dog household
Good traveller – Top tips for safe journeys and reluctant passengers
Secret diary of a dog trainer – Our undercover trainer reveals the truth of their trade
The HiLife Trophy – Meet this month’s nominees and find out how you and your buddy could be next
K9 Queries – Your questions answered by experts in their field on care, health, training, behaviour, insurance, grooming, breeding, puppy care, feeding and veterinary matters.