Simon Davies BSc, Operations Director and lead product designer, says, "Traditionally, dog runs have been made using chain link fencing primarily designed for tennis courts. I saw a real market need for secure dog fencing designed specifically to keep dogs safe. Our innovative steel fencing is galvanised and powder coated black for optimum longevity in British weather and quality aesthetics. The system is modular so that it can meet the client’s individual requirements to suit the topography of the land and the purpose of the dog containment. Bespoke options include polycarbonate rooves, access corridors, double 'dog-lock' gates and opaque screening for disease prevention."

Steve Mapley, Manager of Manchester Dogs’ Home, has thanked ProtectaPet for helping to keep the dogs in their care well exercised and safe

Steve Mapley, Manager of Manchester Dogs’ Home, says, "Thanks to ProtectaPet’s top-quality products doing a cracking job on site we’ll be able to keep the dogs in our care well exercised and safe, and enjoying fresh air every day that they’re here. The exercise and stimulation of being able to run around outside is what keeps our dogs in good health, in good spirits and re-home-able, so this is essential for us – and literally thousands of dogs are set to benefit from this amazing donation of equipment and time from ProtectaPet. A huge thank you to Simon and his team from all of us at Manchester Dogs’ Home!"