guide dogs at National Breeding Centre

The cutest Easter hunt ever! Guide dogs puppies enjoy an Easter treat

It's not just children - and adults - who enjoy searching for Easter treats this time of year. The Guide Dogs charity has set up a special treat for the six-week old residents at its National Breeding Centre in Leamington Spa.

puppies in a house

Easter treat hunt at Guide Dogs' National Breeding Centre in Tachbrook, Leamington Spa. Credit: Guide Dogs

black puppy howls

Credit: Guide Dogs

The 10 Labrador pups, named Pippin, Albie, Spencer, Maddie, Ceecee, Hermia, Pickle, Pastel, Sasha and Cathie, are all from the same litter but you can barely tell them apart.

puppy with a sign

One puppy decides the decorations are just as exciting as the treats. Credit: Guide Dogs

puppy with an egg

Credit: Guide Dogs

Staff at the Centre hid pieces of kibble around a specially-decorated outdoor area for the young pups to forage. As part of their training, it's important for the pups to have as many different experiences as possible, so they'll grow up to be confident guide dogs. While the spring-themed search was great fun, it also helped to prepare the pups for their futures as life-changing guide dogs.

National Breeding Centre

Credit: Guide Dogs

close up of dogs

Hide and seek. Credit: Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs enables people who are blind or partially sighted to take a new path to freedom and independence.If you’d like to sponsor a life-changing guide dog puppy like the ones at Guide Dogs’ National Breeding Centre, visit www.sponsorapuppy.org.uk  or call 0800 953 0113.