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Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard

When scruffy Chinese stray Gobi attached herself to Dion Leonard, a sporty Scot completing a gruelling desert ultra-marathon, she managed to keep pace with him for 80 miles. Attempts to shake her off failed, and Dion was completely taken aback by the little dog’s tenacious spirit. The story became an international sensation, as Dion publicly pledged to do whatever he could to take his new best friend home with him to Edinburgh.
And then came the worst phone call Dion had ever received. Back in the UK, and putting the plan in motion to get Gobi out, he was informed his dog had slipped away from her carer in China, and was lost in a city of 3 million people.
Finding Gobi covers the extraordinary effort made to reunite the devoted pair, which involved Dion moving to China for four months, leaving no stone unturned in the search for his missing girl.
With newspapers and television news stations tracking Dion’s progress, he soon caught the attention of the Chinese government, and had to be incredibly careful with everything he said and who he spoke to, as he found himself under unnerving levels of surveillance. This, along with the language barrier, firm internet restrictions, and the unfavourable attitude in China toward dogs, made Dion’s challenge far greater than any of his endurance events.
It’s not too much of a spoiler to say that Dion and Gobi are back together again, and enjoying running as a pair once more near Arthur’s Seat. But, as Finding Gobi shows, this once seemed a quite impossible dream. This moving story is aimed at young readers, but it’s one that dog lovers of any age will appreciate.

London for Dogs by Sarah Guy

The life of an urban dog can be a bit ‘ruff ’. Depending on the town, city or part of the world you’re in, you may find only a handful of establishments – if any at all – that welcome four-legged customers.
London, however, is full of dog-friendly gems. London for Dogs is a collection of over 120 unique and alternative venues, events and things to do with your dog. Complete with descriptions, addresses and websites, it’s the perfect guide for visiting or local pooches.
Organised from north to south, east to west, each chapter focuses on a different part of the city and includes a comprehensive list of cafes, pubs and boutiques that are welcoming to well-behaved dogs. Your pet can enjoy red velvet dog biscuits at the Shake Shack, lap up the sunshine outside the Fields Bar and Kitchen park brasserie, explore the grounds
of Chiswick House, or take in the exciting sights and sounds of Oxleas Wood.
The guide also features contributions from residents and top bloggers who give their insight on London’s dog-friendly hotspots, including journalist and broadcaster Kate Spicer, food writer Debora Robertson, and founder of Lily’s Kitchen pet food, Henrietta Morrison. And the ‘top 10’ lists will help you plan your trip with the pick of the dog-friendly hotels, events, beer gardens, and even the best dog statues.
This guide is the perfect way for you and your dog to start exploring London together.

Samson the Super Dog by Sarah E Webster

"A cross the blue seas and over the purple mountains, through green fields and sunny lemon groves, on a small Italian beach lived Samson..."
Samson the Newfoundland is living the perfect life, swimming every day at the beach. He’s a great swimmer and that catches the eye of Rodolpho, one of the local K9 lifeguards, who invites Samson to join the team. Samson learns all he needs to know about using his skills to rescue people in water, and it just so happens there’s a beach in Cornwall that could use a doggie lifeguard...
Written and illustrated by Sarah E Webster, Samson the Super Dog is a children’s book based on a real dog. Bilbo the Newfoundland was a K9 lifeguard who helped save three lives while patrolling Cornish beaches with his owner, Steve Jamieson, and who helped educate hundreds of children on the importance of safety in water.
The first in the ‘Dogs on Duty’ series, this book aims to continue Bilbo’s work by teaching children about beach safety in a fun, engaging way.

Doodle Dogs by Tip Hopgood

Doodle Dogs is more than just a colouring book. Artist Tim Hopgood has created an interactive activity book that doesn’t just give you pictures to colour in – it teaches you how to do it.
With a guide to materials you can use for various techniques (have you ever tried drawing with charcoal? No? Time to get started!), this book is a must-have for dog lovers with a taste for art, as well as for those who only ever pick up a pencil to write their shopping list.
Learn all about drawing with chalk, playing with lines, joining dots, shading, creating texture, and all the skills you need to create your very own Doodle Dog. Just keep an apron at hand – some of these techniques can get a bit messy!