German dog community enjoys sausage ice-cream

IMG_8458 IMG_8449 making the ice-cream

Dog owners in a northern German town have been queueing up to get their hands on savoury ice-cream made with a special ingredient - sausages.

The new ice-cream, made using liver-sausage, has proved so popular with the canine community in Bremen, near Hamburg, that four local ice-cream parlours have now placed bulk orders in time to manage the summer rush.

The creator of the ‘Wursteis’ (sausage ice-cream) is Italian national and Bremen-resident, Leonardo Caprarese (56). He said he was inspired to invent a flavour just for dogs based on the behaviour of his dog-owning customers.

"Many customers order an ice-cream then ending giving some of this sugary ‘human ice-cream’ to their dogs, which is what gave me the whole idea."

"I had to basically find a way of replacing the main ingredient of ice-cream – sugar. After working on it my kitchen, I finally managed to find an alternative."

Suasage ice cream fed to a Cocker Spaniel

Leonardo Caprarese, owner of Gelateria Italiana Caprarese GmbH in Bremen and inventor of the sausage ice-cream (Wursteis), feeds Rob's one-year-old cocker spaniel, Harley. Credit: Rob Hyde

In the beginning Mr Caprarese used a synthetic liver-sausage aroma, but has now taken to using the real thing, saying the dogs prefer it by far. In addition to liver-sausage, the ingredients include pureed carrots, carrot juice, and freshly-squeezed orange juice. The frozen-dessert has proven so popular that it is now also available using fresh beef and turkey.

Harley enjoys his ice-cream credit: Rob Hyde

Liver-sausage is a much-loved dish in Germany, and many Germans eat liver-sausage spread on their fresh-bread rolls each morning. Caprarese was therefore not surprised that many dog-owners buy a liver-sausage ice-cream for their dog, try a little bit of it themselves, then end up ordering a cone of ‘dog ice-cream’ for themselves.

"It’s perfectly edible for humans too. By adding the carrots and the fruit juice, it tastes quite mild and is somehow also very hearty", he said.

With a human population of just under 550,000 and dog population of around 12,500, there is approximately one dog for every 44 citizens of Bremen.