Dogs are even more like us than we thought

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Man's best friend is more human than we think. These cuddly and affectionate beasts have made a way into our hearts with their shenanigans. By coexisting with us humans, these canines have developed the traits that were often said to be particular to human beings alone.The evolution of dogs from wolves has led to major characteristic changes that make them behave more and more like us. They love accessories too and the trend today is to you the best LED dog collars for the pet bests.

Emotional beasts

Dogs can sense emotions and feelings and also display them; they can read the expressions on the face of their owners and judge people around them. No, you have not read it wrong. Dogs can judge people based on the behaviour people display. Just like an animal can sense the threat in its surroundings, dogs can sense the threat in people. Studies have proved that the dogs can get mean with the people who are mean to their owner. They tend to either ignore the person or shun them completely.

Gazes follow

We all have noticed that our dogs follow us with their gazes where ever we move around, haven't we? Dogs have shown certain characteristics that prove they keep an eye on their owner and observe their movements. They observe and also learn to behave like us in certain ways.

Jealousy and canines

Yeah, dogs do get jealous, absurd as this may sound. The dogs become possessive of their owners and don't even feel guilty over this. They hate being ignored by their owners and also dislike it if any other pet gets the attention meant for them and you might get to see another side of your dog. They simply turn into a green eyed monster.

We are not colour blind

We have often heard that dogs see in black and white but recent studies have proved that dogs do see in colour. Have you noticed your doggie might be watching TV with you and you would have thought ‘oh? He is just staring at the TV' but no he is actually watching the pictures and the colourful pictures fascinate them. Dogs have a better night vision than humans.

We are smart too

The most misconception that dogs are daft and dumb has been proven wrong by many researchers around the world. Many breeds of dogs are pretty smart and the border collies have the ability to understand around 200 words. Few other breeds that are considered smart are Poodles, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Dobermans. Dogs are able to perform many tricks just because of their smartness and not only because you have trained them.

Dreams are big and small

Dogs dream too, just like the humans. Ever noticed your dog twitch or whimper in sleep? They have the same brain waves while sleeping as we humans have. And they dream too. However, small dogs have longer dreams than the bigger ones.

Love in the air

Dogs do fall in love, with each other and also with humans. Their brains release oxytocin, also known as the love hormone when they come in contact with other dogs or humans.

People watch

Dogs watch how other people react with their owners and behave in similar fashion with them. A recent Japanese study proved that dogs ignored and did not interact with people who did not help their owners and were pretty affectionate with people who actually helped their owner.

Sadness and depressions

Studies have shown that our sadness is correlated to the feeling of sadness among our dogs. They can sense our sadness and depression and their brains read the feeling and their mood also turns melancholy. Hence the Vets suggest that we work on our mood before trying to lift our dog's spirits.

Dogs are our closest companion whom we love to cuddle with and love to run around with. They provide us with company and with love and affection but are more like us humans than we ever thought possible but in reality, this is true.

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