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Dogs Monthly Book Club

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Bodie on the Road by Belinda Jones

British-born travel writer Belinda Jones found the best antidote to being suddenly alone in Los Angeles. With America’s stray population and euthanasia rates through the roof, she was led to saving a rescue dog, Bodie, who was picked up on the city’s most dangerous streets and left on doggie death row. Bodie’s a bit of everything; his pointy ears, patchy blue tongue and underbite suggest all manner of ancestry, but to Belinda, he couldn’t be more perfect.
Together they find healing on an epic road trip up the west coast of America, through California and Oregon, covering 2,000 miles and taking in some truly iconic sights. For Bodie, the beaches and sand dunes are worlds away from the gangland LA neighbourhoods he used to roam, and his pure joy at his new life is a welcome distraction for Belinda. Every stop on the highway is made with dogs in mind. Every bar and bakery is dog-friendly, and even when Bodie takes a break from sightseeing, Belinda is seeking out every dog connection the route has to offer. The Charles M Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa, a moving insight into the life of man who created Snoopy, is a real highlight.
Bodie on the Road is the perfect escapist read for any dog lover; pages of pleasure for anyone who’s ever wanted to drop everything, pack up the car, grab the dog and leave. The author’s descriptions of cuddling up with Bodie in cosy cabins, and the glorious food they share in the sunshine will make you feel you are right there alongside them.
This is a travel guide with a difference: one with real heart.

The Real Pet Detective by Tom Watkins

It all started with a lost Afghan Hound.
In April 1999, Tom Watkins – a former police officer who had grown disillusioned with the justice system, but had not given up on his dream of helping people – was at his home in the West Midlands when he heard on his local radio station of a wet, bedraggled and starving Afghan Hound roaming the city’s streets. After a sleepless night, Tom decided to use his
professional experience to help, and called the radio station.
“My name is Tom Watkins. I’m a former police officer. Now I run Animal Search UK, which is a national pet detective agency based in the Black Country. I’ll find this dog.”
This is how Animal Search UK was born: created on impulse, with a huge desire to help, and little else. Tom went on that first mission with nothing but a rented van, a friend to assist
him, a can of dog food, and a map. Amazingly, Tom was successful in finding the lost Afghan. It was the first success of many, because that day Tom didn’t only find a dog – he also found his own way to help people.
Almost 20 years on, Tom leads a team of expert pet investigators with cutting-edge technology, and has plenty of stories to tell. The Real Pet Detective showcases some of his most interesting, moving and sometimes heart- breaking cases, as well as the range of techniques Animal Search UK has employed to find missing animals – old-fashioned searches through the woods, recording the owner’s voice to lure a missing cat, and even the reconstruction of a dognapping, making Toby the terrier too hot to handle.
If you’re looking for riveting tales about pets lost and found, plus a few tips on what to do should your own beloved companion go missing, this is the book for you.

Worzel Says Hello! Will You be My Friend by Catherine Pickles

The fourth instalment of Worzel Wooface’s adventures, and the first in a new series for children, Worzel Says Hello! Will You be My
Friend?is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between dog and child.
Told from the perspective of the literary Lurcher, this delightfully illustrated story tells the tale of a safe introduction between one scared dog and a little girl. Many adults will have fond memories of their childhood pets, but the relationship can be a non-starter if behaviour around dogs is not taught or is misunderstood.
As a dog lover and parent herself, author Catherine Pickles wanted to create a fun, educational book to help children understand dog behaviour
so they could have the best experience. Her dog Worzel was adopted from Hounds First Sighthound Rescue, but due to his difficult puppyhood, he could become nervous around new situations. Worzel now considers himself to be a champion for rescue dogs, promoting the joys and challenges they face.
In this story, Worzel’s words are accompanied by colourful watercolour illustrations by Chantal Bourgonje, which depict the dos and don’ts, and have been approved by a canine expert. There are also some helpful tips for parents, guardians and teachers.
Watch as Worzel goes from shy and scared to girl’s best friend in this delightful read, fit for any child’s book collection.

Puppy Love Dot-To-Dot by Jake McDonald

Adult colouring books have had their day; dot-to-dot books are the new stress-relieving must-have for your desk! Not only is Puppy Love Dot-To-Dot a chilled-out way to relive your childhood, it lets you draw and create man’s best friend. This book contains 62 canine dot-to-dots to complete, and over 20,000 dots to connect. The perfect gift for a creative dog lover. Enjoy!