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How to look after your dog’s teeth

We know the importance of looking after our own teeth, and whilst we have everything from floss, mouthwash and toothbrushes to help us do...
Dog in field

Keep your dogs cool this summer

Guest post by Frozzys.com On May 6 this year, the RSPCA launched their ‘Dogs Die in Hot Cars’ campaign, following a three year high of reports...

7 Cleaning tips that all dog owners need to know

For most of us, a dog is just another member of the family: They might be allowed on the sofas, and sometimes they’ll sneak...
Sleeping office dog

6 tips for creating a canine-friendly working environment

By Jamie Field, Managing Director, TopLine Film The decision to welcome dogs to your workplace is a significant one. We made that decision in 2012...

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Pet Care Advice

Cockapoo on the beach

“Help! He eats everything!”

I have a four-year-old Cockapoo who is constantly swallowing things that he shouldn’t. I’ve had to go through the stress and expense of taking...

Lead pulling

Our seven-month-old pup, Holly, is very boisterous on her lead. She is difficult to walk, as she pulls so much and has nearly pulled...
Viszla pup

Best start for a rescue pup

We are looking to get a puppy and are seriously thinking of getting a rescue one. Our concern is that a rescue puppy may...


Bailey desperately needs a foster home

Dying dog in need of loving ‘end-of-life’ foster home

Bailey is looking for a loving foster home to spend his last days in a loving environment - and time is of the essence. The...
Stitch Valentine

“Will you be my Valentine?” Stitch seeks ladies-only home

Ladies' man Stitch is hoping Valentine 's Day will bring him the love of his life, as he has been waiting for a new...