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Dog in field

Keep your dogs cool this summer

Guest post by Frozzys.com On May 6 this year, the RSPCA launched their ‘Dogs Die in Hot Cars’ campaign, following a three year high of reports...

7 Cleaning tips that all dog owners need to know

For most of us, a dog is just another member of the family: They might be allowed on the sofas, and sometimes they’ll sneak...
Sleeping office dog

6 tips for creating a canine-friendly working environment

By Jamie Field, Managing Director, TopLine Film The decision to welcome dogs to your workplace is a significant one. We made that decision in 2012...
Dog hike

Top tips for hiking with your dog this summer

Guest post by Davies Vets Specialists Summer is on its way and if last year is anything to judge by, it’s going to be a...

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Thunder fear

Firework fear

I have just rescued a three-year-old Border Terrier who is very nervous and jumpy around loud noises. With firework season coming up, can you...

A new dog for an older person

My mother has just had her elderly Border Collie put to sleep. She is already talking about taking on another dog because she...

Chocolate poisoning

A close friend of mine recently lost her small dog after it ate a whole bar of chocolate. I have four dogs and live...


RSPCA joins call to ban import of cropped dogs

The RSPCA has backed a petition by dog trainer and welfare campaigner Jordan Shelley calling for a ban on the importation of dogs with...
puppies found in box

RSPCA appeals for information after three puppies dumped in a cardboard box

The RSPCA is appealing for information after three spaniel puppies, only about eight weeks old, were found abandoned in a cardboard box in Essex. The...