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Clumber walk at Hinchingbrooke Country Park

Fourteen rare Clumber Spaniels and their owners from across the East Midlands took part in a walk in the third Clumber walk Hinchingbrooke Country...

Spiritual Dog Retreat Review

Review by Toni Twist  For those of you like myself, juggling a business, spiritual life, relationship, house and fluffy babies, it can sometimes be a...

Keeping your garden a dog-friendly environment

By Ella Hendrix, veterinary nurse Are you going to be bringing home a new four-legged friend soon? If so, you will surely want to see...

Travel with pets: Car hire with a dog

Are you planning to hire a car, hit the roads but don't want to leave your furry friend behind? No problem, just take him...

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Pet Care Advice

“My dog won’t wee on walks”

“My dog won’t wee on walks” I’ve recently rescued a Border Collie bitch who won’t go to the toilet when we’re out. She’s only five...

Which harness is the best for your dog?

There are plenty of reasons to use a dog harness instead of a collar. For dogs that pull on the lead, or dogs with...
Grooming career

Career in grooming

I’ve been considering a change of career for a while and quite fancy dog grooming. I’ve been doing an online search for courses available...


Tracey with Rottweiler Susie-Hope

Appeal for Susie-Hope: two-year-old HiLife ‘Best Friends’ winner fundraising for hip surgery

Tracey sank into a deep depression following the loss of her mother to cancer and the death of their dog, May, but a young...
Stray Scooby

Stray dog found outside Dogs Trust Leeds searching for new home

Staff at Dogs Trust Leeds have rescued a stray dog after he was found hiding in bushes just outside of the entrance of the...