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Dogs are the best therapy, says Artaban co-creator

Guest post: by Anne Jones, co-creator of Artaban The Musical I have just been through a very emotional time, as my husband Tony has had...

Toxic Autumn plants – and how to protect your pets

A particular concern for pet owners is whether their autumn garden is harbouring plants that could be poisonous to their pets. Most people are...
pumpkin treats

5 DIY pet treats using leftover pumpkin

Did you know that you can make your own Halloween-appropriate pet treats using leftover pieces of pumpkin? Pumpkin is actually very good for many animals,...
spaniel coat holidaying

Top tips for holidaying with your dog

For many pet owners their four-legged friend is part of the family and that includes when it comes to going on holiday. It’s never...

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Fight the freeze!

Ed Sheeran set to help fretting pets this NYE

Pop legend Ed Sheeran will help prevent the nation’s fretting pets amid terrifyingly loud firework displays on New Year’s Eve – after one of...

Healthy Homemade Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas is packed with festive dangers for our best friends, with mince pies, chocolate and Christmas cake all strictly off limits. But if you'd...

Cleaning products to avoid with mucky pups

Dog owners know just how hard it can be to keep a clean home when you have one or two mucky pups living under...


Paint the town red!

Can you offer a home to golden oldies Esther and Maddie?

They might be older, but 11-year-old collie cross Esther and 12-year-old Jack Russell Maddie are still very much young at heart and are looking...

Do you know your dog’s blood type?

It’s not just humans that have different blood groups. All animals have species-specific blood groups – and where humans have eight major groups, cows...