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4 Tips for a Happy Healthy Pet

Article submitted by Minster Veterinary Centre Owning a pet is an amazing experience. The unconditional love and companionship our furry friends can give us can...

Why Christmas isn’t the best time to get a puppy

With Christmas now behind us, how many pets bought as Christmas presents will stay with their new owners? Sadly, as Helen Edwards discovers, rescues...

How pets can improve your lifestyle

Author: Stephen Kellie Pets can be more than just a companion — they can also improve many aspects of your lifestyle. Award-winning stair lifts provider...

Does grain-free dog food really make a difference?

Author: Margot Perrot  You may have noticed that grain-free dog food has become increasingly popular in recent years. Dog owners have become much more aware of...

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Doggie Dreams

Golden retriever playing fetch

“Can I teach my dog to fetch?” 

Am I able to teach my dog how to fetch? She will happily race off after a tennis ball and pick it up, but...
Basset hound

Recurrent ear infection

About a year ago, my dog had a nasty ear infection. This cleared up after a course of drops, but it comes back again...

Pug eye bulge

For the last week I have noticed a red bulge in the corner of my six-month-old Pug’s eye, but sometimes when I look, it...


Peas in a pod: doggie duo looking for a forever home

Dogs Trust Manchester are searching for a new home that can offer double the love for a brother and sister doggie duo. Three-year-old crossbreeds Charlie...

Staffie saved from death still needs a happy ending

A nine-year-old staffie remains unwanted in kennels 466 days after he was rescued from being put to sleep by his owner. The RSPCA is...