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Pricey Pooches: New Research Reveals the Real Cost of Raising a Puppy

Have you ever wondered exactly how much your new pup will cost you? Well now you know, thanks to a new online guide. PupPal, created...

The importance of pet-friendly properties

With the number of people renting rather than buying, it’s frustrating when landlords specify tenants are not allowed pets. If you are renting or...

Dog walking one of the most popular side hustles in Britain

New research commissioned by Oddsmonkey reveals that Brits are using side hustles such as dog walking and renting out the spare room to help...

Millions of dog owners not taking precautions against fleas and ticks, says survey

Millions of dog owners are putting themselves risk of deadly Lyme disease and tapeworm infections by failing to treat their pooches for fleas and...

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My old terrier has a bad back

My little old terrier seems to have a bad back. At times he finds it difficult to jump up and is quite hunched. Do...

Can dogs have strokes?

My friend thinks her dog has had a stroke. Is this possible? Do dogs have strokes and what is the end result? James Farrell advises... Dogs...

Walking dandruff

Both my young dog and house rabbit have a lot of dandruff at the moment and seem a bit itchy. Is this connected? What...


Looking for love: appeal for orphaned Yorkies

A litter of orphaned puppies who were hand-reared at Dogs Trust Bridgend are now looking for love this Valentine’s Day. The Yorkshire Terrier pups were brought to...

Home needed for pregnant three-legged dog dumped before Christmas

An abandoned three-legged dog found heavily pregnant just before Christmas is hoping to find a loving home and put her past behind her. Missy was discovered...