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Travel with pets: Car hire with a dog

Are you planning to hire a car, hit the roads but don't want to leave your furry friend behind? No problem, just take him...

Decrease anxiety for your dog in 3 simple steps

By Stephanie Annon Dogs suffer from anxiety and stress similarly to humans. Anxiety can manifest for your dog in a variety of ways, social and separation...

Why Cornwall is the ultimate doggie holiday

By Rebecca Jackson, Marketing Manager, The Beach House Company Us Brits now spend nearly 4.62 billion pounds on our dogs and with the summer...

Elbow dysplasia 0 – Woody 1

By Olivia Turner Before we got Woody, we researched into Golden Retrievers and knew that dysplasia was quite common within the breed (well within any...

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Firework preparation

Dog tag details

I know that we are all legally obliged to have our dogs microchipped, but what’s the position with ID tags? Do we still need...

“Are baby wipes dog-friendly?”

Is it safe to use baby wipes on my dog? I always keep a pack in the car for wiping my dog’s muddy paws...

Five signs your dog has dry eye

Dry eye, or Keratocnojunctivitis sicca, is one of the most common eye problems for dogs, and understanding the symptoms for this painful condition can help...


‘OAP’ appeal ahead of Grandparents Day

As the UK prepares to celebrate National Grandparents Day on Sunday, Dogs Trust Manchester is shining the spotlight on two lovely Older Age Pooches...

Abandoned puppies named after characters from The Bodyguard

The RSPCA is investigating after six puppies were abandoned outside a charity veterinary hospital in London. The eight-week-old lurcher puppies were found by a member...