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7 Cleaning tips that all dog owners need to know

For most of us, a dog is just another member of the family: They might be allowed on the sofas, and sometimes they’ll sneak...
Sleeping office dog

6 tips for creating a canine-friendly working environment

By Jamie Field, Managing Director, TopLine Film The decision to welcome dogs to your workplace is a significant one. We made that decision in 2012...
Dog hike

Top tips for hiking with your dog this summer

Guest post by Davies Vets Specialists Summer is on its way and if last year is anything to judge by, it’s going to be a...

A dog owner’s guide to the countryside code

Part of being a responsible dog owner means understanding your rights and respecting other members of the public, so Sean Whiting, Director at outdoor...

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Pet Care Advice

My puppy won’t eat his food

My puppy has gone off his dry food. I have offered him alternatives, which he has eaten, but he won’t eat his puppy food....

Chewing on the lead

My dog chews his lead when we’re at the end of the walk. What can I do to prevent it?  Denise Price advises... Dogs revert to...

How to give your dog the best-in-show grooming treatment

Whether your dog is a Crufts Best in Show winner or a couch potato, making sure they are well-groomed is essential for maintaining their...


Shih Tzu hoping 2020 will be his year to find a forever home

After spending two years in kennels, Shih Tzu Tommy is hoping the New Year will see him in a quiet home with an experienced...

100,000 letters to help find a pair of stolen dogs

Supporters of a heartbroken owner, whose dogs have been missing since December 2018, are planning to send over 100,000 letters to help find them...