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5 common dog injuries and conditions

To help your pet live a happy and healthy life, it’s important to be aware of some of the most common health problems they...

Advice for first-time pet owners

Pets bring happiness, love, and companionship to their owners. But they also require a lot of care and responsibility. Some pets require more work...

Oscar the Beagle, real dog in superhero picture book role

For over ten years Oscar has been a loyal family member and now he stars as the main character in Adventures of Oscar the...

What is Clinical Canine Massage Therapy?

Clinical Canine Massage Therapy is a hands-on form of non-invasive pain relief aimed at getting tangible results in just one to three sessions. As a...

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Pet Care Advice

Canine collector

World Oral Health Day: Keeping your pet’s teeth healthy

Today (March 20) marks World Oral Health Day, and while our own dental hygiene should be important, what should you be doing to help...

Hair loss

My seven-year-old terrier cross is losing hair. She is well looked after and I can’t see any obvious problem. Can you tell me why...

Skin infections

My 10-year-old Labrador keeps getting skin infections and is moulting a lot. He also seems to have aged quickly – he’s not really that...


Looking for love: appeal for orphaned Yorkies

A litter of orphaned puppies who were hand-reared at Dogs Trust Bridgend are now looking for love this Valentine’s Day. The Yorkshire Terrier pups were brought to...

Home needed for pregnant three-legged dog dumped before Christmas

An abandoned three-legged dog found heavily pregnant just before Christmas is hoping to find a loving home and put her past behind her. Missy was discovered...