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A dog owner’s guide to the countryside code

Part of being a responsible dog owner means understanding your rights and respecting other members of the public, so Sean Whiting, Director at outdoor...

The 20 most popular places in the UK for a dog walk

Article submitted by TrustedHousesitters It’s fair to say walking your dog in winter is often not as fun as walking your dog in spring or...
Dog laying in the grass

Doggie dangers: 13 potential garden hazards for dogs

Guest post by GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk Dog owners have been warned to steer their pets clear of 13 possible dangers in their gardens this spring. Outdoor experts from GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk...

4 Tips for a Happy Healthy Pet

Article submitted by Minster Veterinary Centre Owning a pet is an amazing experience. The unconditional love and companionship our furry friends can give us can...

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Crate or puppy pen?

We are going to be collecting our new Cavapoo puppy in a couple of weeks time. We are really excited and are busy making...

Frozen tail

My Beagle rolled in fox poo on a walk, but after I bathed him, his tail looked broken. He couldn’t wag it and it...
Dog in grass

Protecting your pooch this pollen season

If you're a hayfever sufferer, you may have experienced discomfort recently due to the rising pollen count, but did you know dogs can also...


Harley now

Rescued elderly dog finally learns to play

A 14-year-old German Shepherd who was rescued by the RSPCA, is finally learning what life is all about and is in search of a...

Could you give this sweet girl a forever home?

Three-year-old Aska has spent more than eight months in kennels at York Animal Home where staff have unearthed her sweet, playful nature. However, because...