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The 20 most popular places in the UK for a dog walk

Article submitted by TrustedHousesitters It’s fair to say walking your dog in winter is often not as fun as walking your dog in spring or...
Dog laying in the grass

Doggie dangers: 13 potential garden hazards for dogs

Guest post by GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk Dog owners have been warned to steer their pets clear of 13 possible dangers in their gardens this spring. Outdoor experts from GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk...

4 Tips for a Happy Healthy Pet

Article submitted by Minster Veterinary Centre Owning a pet is an amazing experience. The unconditional love and companionship our furry friends can give us can...

Why Christmas isn’t the best time to get a puppy

With Christmas now behind us, how many pets bought as Christmas presents will stay with their new owners? Sadly, as Helen Edwards discovers, rescues...

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chocolate eggs

Easter treats: what’s the difference between normal and dog-friendly chocolate?

I would like to share my Easter chocolate with my dog but have been told that chocolate can be poisonous to dogs. Is that...

“Help! My dog’s started weeing indoors”

Our family has a small crossbreed, who is around 10 years old. He’s just started weeing indoors, which he has not done before, despite...
Cockapoo on the beach

“Help! He eats everything!”

I have a four-year-old Cockapoo who is constantly swallowing things that he shouldn’t. I’ve had to go through the stress and expense of taking...



Puppy found dumped in cardboard box now ready for a home!

A tiny puppy found dumped in a cardboard box in Castleford last month is now ready to find his forever home. Hockney was just five...

Paws for Breath: campaign to help Britain’s pets

A £90k fundraising campaign has been launched to provide every fire engine in the UK with pet oxygen masks, which save over 22,000 animals...