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7 Cleaning tips that all dog owners need to know

For most of us, a dog is just another member of the family: They might be allowed on the sofas, and sometimes they’ll sneak...
Sleeping office dog

6 tips for creating a canine-friendly working environment

By Jamie Field, Managing Director, TopLine Film The decision to welcome dogs to your workplace is a significant one. We made that decision in 2012...
Dog hike

Top tips for hiking with your dog this summer

Guest post by Davies Vets Specialists Summer is on its way and if last year is anything to judge by, it’s going to be a...

A dog owner’s guide to the countryside code

Part of being a responsible dog owner means understanding your rights and respecting other members of the public, so Sean Whiting, Director at outdoor...

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Let sleeping dogs lie

Moving house

I’m going to be moving home soon and my two dogs have only ever lived in this house. How can I make the transition...

Pet-proofing your Christmas tree

To give owners a peace of mind this holiday season, experts from PurePetFood.com have shared their tips on how to make your Christmas tree...

Scared of other dogs

My Whippet, Blossom, has always been friendly with other dogs and isn’t usually interested in them when we meet them out, preferring to chase...


Christmas Crisis: charities team up to help the homeless

Mayhew has teamed up with Crisis, the national homelessness charity, to help people and animals affected by homelessness at Christmas -  and are giving...

Dog finds herself at charity for a second time after owner dies

A dog who was originally brought to Dogs Trust as a puppy, after being abandoned, is now back at the charity for a second...