Dogs Monthly Magazine

  • WIN! Lots of fabulous freebies up for grabs!
  • MRSA: learn about the ‘superbug’ that is killing our dogs
  • How to interpret what your dog is saying to you
  • How to find your perfect canine partner
  • 21 pages of K9 queries answered by experts in their field: practical and common-sense advice on all aspect of canine activities, care, health and training
  • Quick-fix solution: how to put pushy dogs in their place
  • Toxic shock: what NOT to feed your four-legged friend
  • Dog walks in Lancashire and Aberdeenshire to enjoy
  • Spiritual healing for dogs
  • Discover if the charismatic Curly Coated Retriever is the right breed for you
  • See what the stars have in store for your Cancer canine this month
  • Walking with wolves!
  • Pin-up Pups – see if your pet is featured
  • Getting in touch with pets who’ve passed on to the spirit world
  • Complementary therapies that can help ease canine arthritis
  • Everything you need to know about… bathing your dog
  • PLUS many more entertaining and informative articles on all things dog, true life stories of readers and their four-legged friends, letters, giveaways and great prizes to be won!

Plus much more… take a flip through the pages of this month’s issue

Dogs Monthly

Issue on sale now at WH Smiths and most other newsagents nationwide, plus Pets at Home stores. Don’t forget to place a regular order with your local newsagent so you don’t miss an issue!

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