In the February issue you’ll find:

Dogs Monthly Magazine

  • YOUR FIRST DOG 18-page special on everything you wanted to know (but where afraid to ask!) on getting and caring for a pooch
  • MINIMISE MOULTING! No more bad hair days with our top tips
  • IT’S SHOWTIME! How to get started in showing your pet
  • CUSHING’S DISEASE All about this problem – and how to cope with it
  • SPRINGING INTO ACTION Discover how obedience training can help cure obsessive compulsive disorders in dogs
  • MR & MRS WOLF Meet a couple who were born to be wild!
  • FEEDING MYTHS UNCOVERED Out vet separates fact from fiction where feeding dogs is concerned
  • A-Z CANINE DISEASES This month – canine ailments beginning with ‘C’
  • 21 PAGES OF YOUR K9 QUERIES All answered by experts in their field on: care, health, training, legal, insurance, psychic communication, spiritual healing, grooming, breeding & puppy care, behaviour, feeding and veterinary.
  • WIN Agility weave poles, treat bags, walkie belts, dog confectionary and feeding stations are all up for grabs!
  • BREED PROFILE Find out if a Golden Retriever could be your new best friend
  • INTO R-OVERDRIVE! Canine drives explained
  • FULFIL YOUR DREAMS! With help from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and the Young Kennel Club
  • DOGSTROLOGY See what the stars have in store for your Aquarius pet this month – plus Russell Grant’s forecast for you too
  • A BORN SURVIVOR How a streetwise hooligan became a credit to society
  • PIN-UP PUPS See if your best friend is featured!
  • BRITAIN’S BEST WALKS Dog walks in Aberdeenshire and Cornwall to enjoy – along with pet-friendly B&B accommodation and Tried & Tested reports on places to stay in North Yorkshire and the Devon area
  • STYLE COUNSEL Designer gear and less expensive options for you and your dog
  • DOGS & HOLS Why not try a spot of island-hopping with your pet!
  • PLUS Many more entertaining and informative articles on all things dog, including true-life tales of readers and their four-legged friends!

Dogs Monthly

Issue on sale now at WH Smiths and most other newsagents nationwide, plus Pets at Home stores. Don’t forget to place a regular order with your local newsagent so you don’t miss an issue!

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