In the August 2009 issue you will find…

This Months Magazine

  • SUMMER SPECIAL! 20-page special including fun things to do and great places to go with your dog.
  • LOVE, ACTUALLY? Are major vet treatments fair on dogs?
  • DOGS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE Three women who have been inspired by their dogs to change career.
  • TOUGH TOYS We put eight tough toys to the test.
  • DOGS IN COURT Find out how an expert witness can provide specialist knowledge in canine law.
  • OFF THE MENU! How careful feeding can help dogs with allergies.
  • CANINE HYDROTHERAPY How this can help a multitude of canine ailments.
  • ARTHRITIS ALERT Why dog owners should be on the lookout for this debilitating condition.
  • A-Z OF CANINE DISEASES This month – canine ailments beginning with ‘I’.
  • 21 PAGES OF YOUR K9 QUERIES All answered by experts in their field on: care, health, training, legal, insurance, spirit communication, spiritual healing, grooming, breeding & puppy care, behaviour, feeding and veterinary.
  • BREED PROFILE Find out if the Shih Tzu is the dog for you.
  • BREED IN BRIEF Bobtail Boxers.
  • DOGSTROLOGY See what the stars have in store for your pet this month – plus Russell Grant’s forecast for you.
  • PIN-UP PUPS See if your best friend is featured!
  • BRITAIN’S BEST WALKS A dog walk in Shropshire – along with a tried and tested report of a pet-friendly B&B in Norfolk.
  • STYLE COUNSEL Designer gear and less expensive options for you and your dog.
  • PLUS Many more entertaining and informative articles on all things dog!

Dogs Monthly
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