Health schemesFROM 1 January 2010 all dogs presented under the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and Kennel Club (KC) Canine Health Schemes must be permanently identified by microchip or tattoo.

The schemes enable owners to screen for known inherited diseases in their dogs, including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and inherited eye diseases. The move is intended to eradicate false certification.

In addition, health screening prices are set to rise, starting January 2010 (charges are per dog, including certificate & VAT):

  • Eye scheme (routine eye exam): first dog £45; extra dogs in same ownership £38; group testing (25 or more) £27; dogs over 8 years of age £27; gonioscopy: per dog £45.
  • Litter screening: per litter of 5 puppies or less £42; per puppy for litters with more than 5 puppies £8.40; duplicate copy of certificate £28.
  • Hip & elbow dysplasia: 1 dog £45; 5 or more dogs (same owner) £40; re-scoring/re-grading under appeal £90; duplicate copy of certificate £30; joint hip & elbow £80.

DM asks: Would you pay extra for puppies that have been screened since breeders will no doubt have to pass on the cost of doing this to buyers?

Post your views on our forum or email (read the February issue of Dogs Monthly for more on health screening – on sale 8 January 2010).


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