Dogs for the Disabled Dogs for the Disabled are looking for 50 volunteers within one hours’ drive of Banbury, Oxfordshire to help socialise pups.

The charity trains assistance dogs to help people with disabilities lead a fuller, more independent life. Puppy socialisers provide homes and basic training for the charity’s young pups, ensuring each pup is a happy, confident and relaxed dog when he starts formal training at around a year old.

Chris Allen from the charity says: “Taking a puppy into your home for a year isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, but these volunteers provide a vital service for the charity to continue its work. You can’t put a price on the difference an assistance dog can make.”

· Puppy socialisers don’t need previous dog handling know-how, although it can be an advantage.

· Your circumstances must be stable.

· If you work it’s for no more than four hours per day (including travel time).

· You’ll need a fully-fenced garden.

· All costs for the puppy are paid by the charity and include food and vets bills.

· Visit for more info.


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