Vets are advising pet owners take extra care with their animals during the cold snap after a spate of weather-related incidents in surgeries across the country.

In one case in Woking, Surrey, a young Spaniel drowned after falling into a frozen lake. The owners of the dog were unable to reach her after she fell through the ice. Vet Steve Brawley from Companion Care in Woking said: “Spaniels simply love water and don’t realise the danger. It can happen so easily.”

Pets at risk during big chillIn another incident, vets at Companion Care in Scarborough saved the life of a miniature Dachshund suffering from hyperthermia. She had been playing in the snow and, because she was so small and close to the ground, had become extremely cold. Other incidents have included cuts due to playing in the ice and from sharp objects hidden by snow.

Vets advise owners check their pets over for cuts after they have been in the ice and snow. In some cases the cold masks the pain so injuries can be less obvious.


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