The dangers posed to our dogs from unsuitable toys has been highlighted after a dog nearly choked to death after swallowing a ball.

Jet with owner Aubrey Williams
Jet with owner Aubrey Williams
PDSA vets fought to save Labrador Jet’s life after he took a liking to another dog’s ball in his local park in Tyne and Wear.
Jet immediately began to struggle for breath. He was rushed to PDSA Gateshead with minutes to save his life, salivating and making a horrendous croaking noise, as he desperately gasped for air.

Jet was quickly anaesthetised and the ball was removed. PDSA vet Catriona Atkinson says: “Although what happened to Jet was a complete accident, it highlights the dangers of unsuitable dog toys. Many owners don’t realise that pets should only be given toys that are right for their breed and size. It’s well worth asking your vet for advice on what toys are safe for your pet to play with. Hopefully Jet will stick to having fun with his Frisbee in future.”

For an in-depth feature on how to make a top toy choice see our feature in the January 2009 issue of Dogs Monthly. Click here for a back copy.


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