Will you find a Pedigree golden leash?
Will you find a Pedigree golden leash?

The numbers of dogs abandoned or strayed in the UK has risen by 11% in the last year, with an average of one dog an hour being put to sleep say Pedigree. Rescue homes have been hit hard by a reduction in donations as a result of the recession, and recent news that the RSPCA will no longer take in abandoned pets is an indication that this problem is continuing to escalate.

In response, Pedigree has launched The Pedigree Adoption Drive 2010 to raise funds and awareness to help the nation’s abandoned dogs. To help generate public support for the campaign and drive donations, Pedigree has created a hard-hitting online video, which features a unique donation-per-view mechanic – a YouTube first – visit www.youtube.com/wearefordogs and has this week launched ‘ghost leash’ activity in five of the UK’s biggest cities. Bristol, London, Birmingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh will see 10-20 golden leashes hidden in high footfall locations across their cities centres. For every leash found and activated by a member of the public through a specific text code, Pedigree will donate £500 to the cause, a total amount of £10,000 per city. All funds raised by the campaign will be distributed to all members of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes through a grant system.


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