The Retired Greyhound Trust has joined forces with the Great British Greyhound Walk to launch a national Greyhound walk. Dog lovers and walkers will put their best foot forward to raise awareness of Greyhounds and have some fun at walks up and down the UK on June 20. Organiser Janet Peacock said: “The walks are designed to be great fun for all the family, whether you own a Greyhound, are considering a dog as a pet – or just fancy a good walk. They are a great opportunity for people who are thinking about getting a dog to come along and meet a Greyhound. They will have the chance to ask questions to Greyhound owners, walk the dogs and find out more about the joys of adopting a retired Greyhound. Anyone is welcome.”

For more information about walks in your area and how to set up your own walk, log on to


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