Manu condemn the dog cull in Baghdad.
Many condemn the dog cull in Baghdad.

Baghdad’s dog culling programme shows no sign of relinquishing. Started in April 2010, reports say its mission is to wipe out 1 million strays that roam the capital. Mayhew International says that indiscriminate culling is proven to be ineffective at controlling dog populations worldwide and the chosen methods, including shooting and poisoning, are inhumane, causing extreme and prolonged agony.
The charity is asking dog-lovers to write to the senior deputy minister of agriculture in Baghdad, Dr Subhi Al-Jamaily, and request the Iraqi government stop the inhumane killing of stray dogs and instead implement humane methods through education, vaccination, and sterilisation. The address is: Dr. Subhi Al-Jamailly, Senior Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Agarguf Street Entrance, Abu Ghraib, Baghdad IRAQ.


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