Problem: Supply of dogs is outweighing demand in the UK.
Problem: Supply of dogs is outweighing demand in the UK.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home put down about one third of the dogs it took in during 2009 – a total of 2,815 animals, of which 1,931 were reported to be healthy. Many believe animal rescue centres are being left to deal with a problem of supply outweighing demand and irresponsible breeders and owners are to blame. As a result, the RSPCA now only rescues dogs genuinely at risk of cruelty. The charity’s Tim Wass said: “Last year, 2009, we killed 533 healthy dogs. You’ll notice I used the word ‘kill’ there, rather than ‘put to sleep’ or ‘humanely euthanise’. There’s been enough euphemism; we really need to tell it how it is. The buck has to stop somewhere, and too often it is the needle in the hands of an RSPCA officer, and that has got to be wrong.”
Battersea and the RSPCA believe a registration or licence scheme is the answer, so responsibility will lie with the owner. Other groups, such as the Kennel Club, are concerned this will just end up taxing good owners while irresponsible ones will continue to flout the law. We’re interested to know your thoughts on this, click below to comment.


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