Novartis Animal Health is launching its 2011 Worm Patrol campaign to promote the importance of regularly worming your pet.
As spring arrives, the warmer temperatures encourage us to spend more time outdoors with our dogs but this means there’s a greater chance of them being exposed to worm infection. Some worms, such as Toxocara, also pose a serious health risk to humans.

Regular worming is a simple yet effective tool, and is vitally important to prevent infestation with parasites. The European Scientific Counsel Companion Animal Parasites (ESCCAP), the leading parasitology body, recommends a minimum of four worming treatments a year to help keep pets healthy.
Vicky Sumpter, technical services veterinarian at Novartis Animal Health says: “Research shows that on average pet owners treat their pets just 2.6 times per year. We hope more pet owners will worm their pets in line with ESCCAP recommendations. It’s easy to remember – just follow the four seasons and worm in the spring, summer, autumn and winter.”

Your vet can recommend the most appropriate worm treatment plan for your dog, depending on his lifestyle and stage of life.

The Worm Patrol website gives lots of information on ensuring the health and well-being of your pet and your family and also provides a worming ‘reminder’ service. Find out more at


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