The October issue of
Dogs Monthly goes
on sale 1 September.
Inside you’ll find…

Facial expressions How to recognise dog – and human – emotions.
All about foster care Could you help a dog who needs a temporary home?
Food sensitivities Allergies and intolerances explained.
Vulnerable breeds What’s been done to preserve Britain’s canine heritage?
Respect Why the concept means different things to man and dog!
Hip dysplasia Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.
Don’t I know you? Can dogs recognise their friends’ faces?
Problem solving Meet the Westie who hates werewolves!
Breed focus The Australian Shepherd.
Real homes for real friends Heartwarming rehoming stories.
Trail hounds Doggy days out in Hampshire.
Dogs that make a difference Training water rescue dogs in Italy & hearing dogs in the UK.
Cruciate ligament injuries Expert veterinary advice.
Dogs on screen Say hello to Harvey, Schmeichel and a Dulux dog.
Make your own agility equipment How to construct an A-frame.
Rescue dog training Safe walking and social encounters.
A-Z of home remedies First aid for injuries.
K9 Queries All answered by experts in their field on: care, health, training, legal, insurance, grooming, breeding & puppy care, behaviour, feeding and veterinary
PLUS Many more entertaining and informative articles on all things dog!


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