Tune in to BBC3 at 9pm on Wednesday 11 April for the first instalment of a new six-part TV series, Don’t Blame the Dog. The producers’ aim is to challenge irresponsible young dog owners by taking them off to live for a week with dog experts in some of the most extreme environments around the world.  
     In the first episode, Holly, who paints her dog’s nails, and Mikki, who’s taught his dog to bite, leave their pets at home and travel to South Africa to spend a week with dogs that have been trained to track down rhino poachers.   
    The emphasis will be on ‘positive instruction’ say the programme makers, but could the same results have been achieved by learning about canine behaviour and spending time with some of our amazing working dogs here in the UK?   
    Over to you then; let us know what you think!



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