Ahead of the Diamond Jubilee weekend, with street parties taking place across the country, Mars Petcare has put together some top tips for dog owners so that pets can have fun and stay safe.
●  Educate guests at the party about potentially hazardous foods for dogs, so that they dispose of them carefully. Chocolate, raisins, grapes and onions are all toxic to dogs and can have nasty, even fatal, results if eaten.
●  Leftovers and litter such as meat bones, wooden kebab skewers and corn cobs seem like tasty snacks to a dog but could result in serious injury if chewed or swallowed.
●  Ensure dogs at the party have access to fresh drinking water and, if the weather is hot and sunny, a cool or shady place to rest during the celebrations.
●  Keep dogs away from traffic while the party is in full swing.
●  Loud noises – such as party poppers, firecrackers and fireworks – can scare pets, so if these are being used, shut pets safely indoors.
●  Always clear up any dog mess and dispose of it in a responsible manner.


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