The Isle of Skye Retired Greyhound Trust currently has a unique set of furry friends just waiting to be discovered – a set of gorgeous and loving retired Greyhounds named Anna and Molly.
The pair was kennelled together for years after having their last litters and they are the best of friends.
Volunteer Mandy Reid says: “They are very close, and I think it would be upsetting for them if they were separated, which is why we are looking for a home with room for both of them. These well-behaved girls are just looking for a loving home where they can spend their twilight years.
“Unfortunately, perhaps due to our remote location, Anna and Molly are struggling to find that perfect forever home,” explains Mandy. “I know they will be the ideal addition to a special family in Scotland, but the challenge is bringing the perfect family to them. It would be incredible if they could find their future owners soon so they could enjoy the rest of summer, playing in their new home.”
To find out more about Anna and Molly and to see them in action, watch a special video at – to contact the Isle of Skye RGT tel. 01470 511705 or visit


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