The September issue of Dogs Monthly goes on sale 2 August. Inside you’ll find…

Happy families Keeping dogs and children safe – plus free DVD*
Breed focus The happy-go-lucky Bearded Collie.
Vet fees How much is too much?
Canine vaccination What you need to know.
Leaders and followers Debunking the ‘dominance’ myth.
First steps Step-by-step puppy training.
A special bond Could you and your best friend win the new HiLife trophy?
The K9 Project An enterprise that is helping young people.
Teachers’ pets Why Border Collies seem to be the chosen breed for academics.
Canine companions Dogs that help other dogs.
Feeding for gut health Under the nutritional spotlight.
Puppy diary It’s party time for Jake.
Getting the knowledge Why dogs do the things they do.
The terrier with Tourette’s Living with a tricky terrier.
Sharpe’s example A trainer from years gone by.
Dog-friendly hols We test a barn in the Isle of Wight and a chapel in Devon.
Pet project Make a colourful canine collage.
Vet nurse diary Behind the scenes at a veterinary practice.
Pet insurance Choosing a suitable policy.
A-Z of home remedies Treating skin conditions.
Trail hounds Doggy days out in Derbyshire.
Hugo’s eye view Our canine reporter lets off some steam.
K9 Queries All answered by experts in their field on: care, health, training, legal, insurance, grooming, breeding & puppy care, behaviour, feeding and veterinary.
PLUS Many more entertaining and informative articles on all things dog!
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