Despite the poor weather, 64 per cent of dog owners plans to hit the roads with their pooches this summer, according to research conducted by Ceva Animal Health. The majority will spend an average of five hours in the car, but some dogs find travelling stressful. Minor symptoms include panting, drooling and licking their lips. Pheromones, such as Adaptil, can help reduce anxiety.
Maeve Moorcroft from Pets at Home offers some top tips for travelling with your dog this summer…

  • Practice sitting in the car with your dog, both stationary and during short journeys, to help him adjust.
  • Make him comfortable by bringing his usual bed or blanket, but also ensure he is safely secured with a car harness.
  • Feed your dog at least two hours prior to the journey to reduce the chance of travel sickness.
  • Keep the car well-ventilated when travelling and use air-conditioning where possible.
  • Make regular toilet and walk breaks – once every two hours is recommended.
  • Never let your dog put his head out of the window, as it can lead to eye injuries.

Photo © Gray


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