The Kennel Club has clarified that it does not have a list of banned Heelwork to Music moves and that the fun and safe routines used by Ashleigh and Pudsey make them great ambassadors for the sport.
    The Kennel Club’s amendment to its Heelwork to Music regulations make it clear that ‘extreme moves’ that could result in ‘harm or injury’ are not allowed, in order to prevent newcomers to the sport practising moves that are too advanced for them. There is no list of banned moves – the safety of a move depends entirely on the skill of the owner and the dog involved. The decision rests with the judge at Kennel Club events.
    Ashleigh said: “I am pleased the Kennel Club has reasserted how important training is for the good of dogs. You have to work extremely hard as a dog owner to make sure the dog enjoys the performances, and the dog’s safety and happiness is paramount.”


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