The October issue of Dogs Monthly goes on sale 6 September. Inside you’ll find… 

Rescues in crisis Why overcrowding equals tough choices.
Breed focus The sweet-tempered Pomeranian.
A balancing act Diabetes mellitus under the spotlight.
Dental health Preventing plaque and tartar.
Body talk The impact of dog owners’ behaviour.
Game on Step-by-step puppy training.
Online education Finding canine information online.
Last chance saloon Retraining an aggressive dog.
Gear we rate Doggy products put through their paces.
Cruel world The law in relation to cruelty and the Animal Welfare Act 2006.
Tailored nutrition Feeding for breed, shape and physical characteristics.
Two of a kind? Why certain people prefer particular breeds of dog.
Best friends Introducing Biggles and Catherine, the first contenders for the HiLife trophy.
Russell tussle Rehabilitating a delinquent terrier.
Living the dream Meet two canine Olympic torchbearers.
Life’s better with a Beagle One reader muses on the wonders of the breed.
Pet project Make a stylish cushion cover.
Vet nurse diary On call emergencies.
Pet insurance Reading the small print.
A-Z of home remedies Ticks, toads, thunder, teeth and torn nails.
Trail hounds Doggy days out in Norfolk.
Dirty business Why one reader will never dog-sit again…
K9 Queries All answered by experts in their field on: care, health, training, legal, insurance, grooming, breeding & puppy care, behaviour, feeding and veterinary.
PLUS Many more entertaining and informative articles on all things dog!


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