As the clocks go back on Sunday 28 October and British Summer Time officially ends, many of us will have to walk our dogs in the dark.
    Dogs Trust has the following advice to keep dog owners and their pets safe:

  • Keep control of your dog and don’t let him off lead unless you are in a safe, well-lit area.
  • Wear high-visibility clothing so you can be easily seen by motorists; reflective gear for your dog is also advisable.
  • Work out a winter dog walking route that includes both pavements and street lighting.
  • If there is no pavement, walk against the flow of the traffic and keep your dog on the side farthest from the road.
  • Carry a torch or wear a head torch.
  • Walking in groups may be safer than on your own.
  • If possible, take your dog in the car to a place where you can walk away from the roadside.
  • Make sure your dog is well trained and responsive to commands. For tips visit


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