Bonfire Night will soon be upon us, and Dogs Trust has some simple advice to help make the firework season less stressful for dogs:

*     Make sure your dog has been exercised, fed and has had a toilet break before the fireworks begin.
*     Make sure your house and garden is secure to prevent him escaping.
*     Provide a safe hiding place, such as under a table or in a covered crate. Close the curtains and turn up the volume on your TV or radio to drown out the firework noises.
*     Don’t leave your dog alone in the house.
*     Keep him busy – play games or enjoy some reward-based training.
*     Don’t reward your dog for reacting to noise. If he comes to you for comfort, gently stroking him along his flanks and his ears may help calm him.  
*     Never force a dog outside when fireworks are being let off.
*     If necessary, ask your vet about desensitisation programmes and dog-appeasing pheromones.   

For more tips and advice from Dogs Trust click here.


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