A new report reveals that over two-thirds of Brits believe dogs are smelly and unhygienic, with nearly a quarter of dog owners saying that their beloved pooch packs a pong.
    The report, conducted by Byotrol, also revealed that over a quarter of Brits actively avoid the homes of their dog-owning friends, hating dog hairs, muddy paws and smelly fur.
    But it’s not all doom and gloom – dog owners are more likely to have a long-term partner than those who don’t own a dog.
    TV vet Joe Inglis says: “Dogs aren’t entirely to blame for their smelly reputation and homes they visit not smelling fresh. Dog owners can make just a few small changes to their pet’s hygiene and grooming regimes to ensure they smell of roses and so do their homes.” 
    For information on keeping your pet smelling fresh, visit www.facebook.com/petproud


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