Online directory is helping DogLost to reunite missing dogs with their owners, by giving it free access to millions of names, addresses and telephone numbers. 
    The animal organisations’ volunteers can put an owner’s name or part of an address into the search engine, and access the contact details of over 30 million UK residents.
    DogLost traces missing pets through its website and nationwide volunteer teams, and finds owners of pets gone astray. It says:
• Should your dog go missing, report it at or tel. 0844 800 3220 – it’s free and supporters will help to distribute posters and spread the word about your dog.
• Tell your local animal rescue centre, animal warden and vet, in case a member of the public has handed in your dog or notified them of a stray.
• Create posters and ask local businesses to display them. DogLost creates a free poster for you.


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