A contender for Scotland’s oldest dog has found a new home in Aberdeenshire following the death of her owner.
    Libby, a 20-year-old Border Collie/Retriever cross, was taken to the Banff & Aberdeenshire Rescue and Rehoming Kennels (B.A.R.R.K) when her owner died and no family members were in a position to take her in. But, thanks to B.A.R.R.K and funds from a £6,000 grant from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, she is happy and settled in a foster home with long-term foster parent Tanya Croucher.
    Elizabeth MacKenzie, secretary of B.A.R.R.K, said: “When Libby’s foster family took her to see a new vet, the vet couldn’t believe her age until he checked on the records that I got the previous vets to fax over.”
    Tanya adds: “Libby suffers from epilepsy, is partially deaf and blind, and also has arthritis in her back legs but this does not stop her – she still thinks she is a puppy and loves to play with my three other dogs!”


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