The Kennel Club is urging pet owners and motorists to take care when using anti-freeze this weekend, as just a small spill could be lethal to dogs.
    “The cold weather and snow that is gripping the country this weekend will cause havoc on the roads, but don’t let it cause havoc for your dog too,” warns Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club secretary.
    Anti-freeze that contains ethylene glycol can be lethal for both dogs and cats. It is used in windscreen wash, de-icers and for car radiators during the coldest times of the year.
    The sweet taste makes anti-freeze tempting for our pets, so it’s best to store it in a secure container away from dogs and cats, take care when using it and clear up any spills immediately.
    Caroline adds: “If you realise your pet has ingested anti-freeze, quick action is key. It is important to act within the first few hours, so seek veterinary help immediately.”


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