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Does your dog need space when out on walks? If so, you may be interested in ‘Space Dogs’, a campaign which encourages the use of a yellow ribbon to let other people know you don’t want them, or their dog, to approach your pet.
Founder Judi Rudd, who came up with the idea after discovering a similar campaign in Sweden, explains: “Having two rescue dogs myself, one who is particularly nervous despite not appearing to be, I know only too well that looks can be deceptive! I have put three years into training Fergus and it is paying off, but one little incident could set him back a long way.”
A yellow ribbon can be used as and when necessary. Judi believes it can be useful if:

  • You are training your dog in a public place and would prefer not to be approached.
  • Your dog is nervous of dogs, people, children, sudden movements, loud voices and so on.
  • Your dog is undergoing rehabilitation, either surgical or behavioural, and he simply needs space.

For more information about the campaign, visit

What do you think? Would this campaign help you and your dog(s)?


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