The July issue of Dogs Monthly goes on sale 6 June. Inside you’ll find…

Positive thinking Is training a case of mind over matter?
NEW series Get started in clicker training
Moulting & matting Keep your dog’s coat trim and tidy
Buyer’s guide Which breed for me?
Part-time pets Meet a Guide Dogs’ emergency boarder
Take the lead Reforming a pushy dog
Country gents Breed focus on the Beauceron
Obstacle courses Lead work masterclass
“Monty’s on the mend” Case and vet comment on hypothyroidism
Try rally The new doggy activity that’s suitable for all
IMHA explained The low-down on anaemia
Rescue successes Bullies in Need
Gift of life Tissue donation
Back to nature Dog-friendly foraging hols
Taking the stand Canine court cases
Barbara Woodhouse – master of her trade or simply a bully?
“My reasons for being” Introducing the next contenders for the HiLife Trophy
Sticks & stones… break more than bones!
An English dog abroad Travelling with dogs
Our dogs, our year Find out how Tom, Harry and Kooki are getting on
Trail hounds Days out in Oxfordshire
K9 Queries All answered by experts in their field on: care, health, training, insurance, grooming, breeding & puppy care, behaviour, feeding and veterinary
PLUS Many more entertaining and informative articles on all things dog!


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