A collie cross called Chi has been saluted, by Armitage Pet Care, for saving his owner’s life.

Chi’s owner, ex serviceman Phil Thomas, has with diabetes, arthritis, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and borderline anxiety disorder. One night, Phil’s blood sugar levels became low, and his condition was serious – but Chi pulled the emergency alarm, alerting an ambulance to come to Phil’s rescue.

Phil still struggles with his health on a daily basis, and he sees Chi as a genuine carer. He says: “I have tried to get Chi registered; he is with me almost 24/7 and being registered would make it much easier for him to get into buildings and other important places with me.”

The loyal pooch is tennis ball mad, so Armitage Pet Care has sent him a bucket full of tennis balls, along with a few other goodies, as a reward for his devotion.


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