Whether you’re going away with your pet or holidaying at home, Burns Pet Nutrition is offering some tips for dog owners…

Treats – We all like to indulge on holiday, but it’s best to feed only the occasional treat and adjust your dog’s daily food allowance accordingly. It is important to ensure that, like your pet’s food, his treats are good quality.

Doggy paddling pool – Lounging by the pool is a favourite holiday pastime, so why not recreate the experience in the garden? As well as being great fun, a paddling pool will help your dog keep cool.

Walks in the sun – It’s not advisable to go for walks between 11am and 4pm, when the heat is at its peak. This decreases the chance of your dog suffering from heatstroke.

Interactive games – These are a great way to keep you and your dog entertained.

Plenty of water – When taking long walks and playing games in the sun, it is especially important to ensure water is always available.

DM says: please remember NEVER leave your dog in a car! Even if you think the vehicle is cool, temperatures rise very quickly and this can be fatal.


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