Despite the bad press that the puppy farming industry has received, and the efforts of the organisations campaigning against the cruel trade, one in three new puppy owners may have bought from a puppy farm, according to The Kennel Club’s Puppy Awareness Week research. This has increased from one in five last year.

Puppy farmers breed dogs purely for profit, without taking any of the responsible steps that they should to protect the breeding dogs’ and puppies’ health and welfare, and often use the Internet, social media, pet shops and newspaper ads to advertise to unwitting would-be puppy purchasers. The increasing popularity of online pups is a particular concern. Of those who source their puppies online, half are going on to buy ‘mail-order pups’ directly over the Internet.

The research also shows that almost one in five puppies bought via social media or the Internet die before six months old, and 12 per cent of puppies bought online or on social media end up with serious health problems that require expensive ongoing veterinary treatment from a young age.

The Kennel Club has launched an online video and has a Find A Puppy app, to show the dos and don’ts of buying a puppy. View the video at


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