Owners of entire male dogs over the age of five are being urged to take them to the vet for a check up during Canine Prostate Awareness Month (CPAM), which runs in November.

Research suggests that more than 80 per cent of entire male dogs over the age of five suffer from prostate disease, a painful condition that can leave dogs suffering in silence because it often goes unnoticed until it reaches an advanced stage.

CPAM aims to highlight the prevalence of the disease and is timed to take place during November – or ‘Movember’, as it’s called by those fundraising for male prostate disease and testicular cancer.

Virbac vet Chris Geddes MRCVS explains: “As a male dog gets older, the size of his prostate increases under the influence of testosterone, causing discomfort and suffering. Eventually, it can start pushing on surrounding organs, causing advanced symptoms including painful or frequent urination; passing ribbon-like faeces, blood in the urine, and pain-induced lameness.

“It’s simple and inexpensive to test for prostate disease and it’s also easily treatable, giving suffering dogs rapid relief from pain and discomfort. We hope that owners of entire dogs over five will take the opportunity to get their dogs checked during CPAM.”

For further information on CPAM, please contact your veterinary practice.


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