Jack, a Lurcher from Dogs Trust Salisbury, walks past a window display of models in a Dogs Trust shop window in Salisbury, as part of a campaign to discourage the impulse buying of dogs ahead of Valentine’s Day, on February 10, 2014. (Photo by Matt Alexander/PA Wire)
Dogs Trust hopes to raise awareness of the rise in impulse online dog purchases and so, to mark Valentine’s Day, it has replaced one of its own shop fronts with human models with sale tags around their necks. The stunt aims to show how ridiculous it would be to choose a partner based on looks alone, and that the same consideration and care should apply when choosing a dog. Dogs are a huge commitment and people should seriously consider their lifestyle and see beyond the pet’s looks and cuteness.

Dogs Trust CEO, Clarissa Baldwin, commented: “Whether you’re dating online, or going on a blind date, you wouldn’t commit to a long-term relationship based on a first glance. You need to get to know a potential partner and spend time with them to understand if you’re well suited. We’ve created this image to remind people that the same approach is needed when considering a canine companion too. A dog is a lifetime commitment, not a spur-of-the-moment decision.”

The charity hopes the image will reinforce the famous ‘A Dog is for Life…’ slogan, which celebrated its 35th anniversary last year.


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