To remind dog owners to treat their pets against the potentially fatal parasite lungworm, Bayer Animal Health is launching its ‘ACT on Lungworm’ campaign on Hound Waves – a special 24-hour radio station for dog owners. Hound Waves will be broadcasting live from Crufts this Friday (7 March), with celebrities including Martine McCutcheon, Amanda Holden, Brian Sewell and Floella Benjamin.

Dogs can contract lungworm through eating or accidentally swallowing slugs and snails. Once inside the system, the parasite travels through the dog’s body eventually ending up in the heart (hence its other name, French heartworm). Left untreated, the dog’s health can rapidly deteriorate and he may die.

Evidence from the Royal Veterinary College confirms the lungworm parasite has spread across the UK from its traditional habitat in the south of England and Wales. It is now widespread in central England and reaching northern regions and Scotland – one in five vet practices has reported cases of the parasite, and it is thought to have caused 81 deaths.

Hound Waves radio will be broadcasting on 87.9FM and can be heard on Friday in the vicinity of the NEC and in London. Afterwards, podcasts will be hosted online at

Find out more about the ‘ACT on Lungworm’ campaign and help spread the word at or follow ‘JungleForPets’ on Twitter.


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