The June issue of Dogs Monthly is on sale now. Inside you’ll find…

Rewards & incentives Step-by step guide to motivating your dog through play, fuss and food.
Glossy coats How a healthy diet can make all the difference.
“I love dogs no one wants” An inspirational true-life tale.
Cats & dogs How to safely introduce a new pup or puss into your household.
Be lungworm aware Help protect your dog against this deadly parasite.
Carry on dancing Meet star spaniel Henry, the Heelwork to Music champ who’s deaf.
Breed focus The loyal and lively Standard Poodle.
Driven to distraction Safety advice when travelling by car.
Canine display teams Showcasing the bond between dogs and handlers.
All about ears Expert vet advice.
Dogs & the law When your dog’s out-of-control behaviour can land you in jail.
Where can we walk? Rights of way and rules for dog walkers.
Trail hounds Days out and dog-friendly walks on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast.
Dog-friendly holidays Five beach getaways.
Gear guide Holiday essentials for you and your dog.
Dogsbody Our medical series looks at the dog’s excretory system.
The brain explained Vet advice on common conditions that affect it.
Research study What factors influence dogs’ aggression towards people?
Canine crafts Make a cute Scottie dog brooch.
Dogs in history The story of one remarkable lady’s contribution to animal welfare in Edwardian England.
Stars & their dogs How Molly, journalist and TV host Andrew Neil’s Golden Retriever, makes herself at home on air.
Canine first aid Ear and paw injuries.
Teaching tricks How to ‘play dead’.
K9 Queries Your questions answered by experts in their field on general care, health, training, insurance, grooming, breeding, puppy care, behaviour, feeding and veterinary matters.
PLUS Many more entertaining and informative articles on all things dog!


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