DM_Sept14_coverThe September issue of Dogs Monthly is on sale from
31 July. Inside you’ll find…

New puppy? Key points to consider before you take the plunge.
Reliable recall Top tips from a top trainer and behaviourist.
A-Z of vet terms An essential glossary of vetspeak.
Hot cars kill dogs Support Dogs Trust’s new campaign.
Resource guarding How to nip stealing and guarding behaviour in the bud.
Dog wardens bite back! Views from the frontline.
New series: ‘Training made easy’ Teach your dog to sit and lie down.
“A treat almost killed our dog!” Words of warning.
Manchester Terriers Your at-a-glance breed guide.
Life on the beat Meet the rescue GSD who went from pet to police dog.
“Help! I need a canine behaviourist…” Essential advice on behaviourists, and how to choose the right person for you.
Stars & their dogs Jules Knight – Holby City’s Dr Harry Tressler – on his bonnie Battersea Retriever.
Hearing Dogs puppy diary Follow little Jasper’s progress every month.
Trail hounds Days out and dog-friendly walks in the Lincolnshire Wolds.
Top UK dog walks Part two of our pick of the best places to go.
Teaching tricks Teach your dog to ‘read’!
Stress-free moves Strategies to help your dog cope with moving house.
Dogs on screen Celebrating 60 years of Lassie.
Photographing dogs Behind the scenes with a top canine photographer.
The Freedom Project Meet the foster carers who help pet owners fleeing domestic violence.
The HiLife Trophy Could you and your dog be our ‘Best Friends 2014’?
K9 Queries Your questions answered by experts in their field on general care, health, training, insurance, grooming, breeding, puppy care, behaviour, feeding and veterinary matters.
PLUS Many more entertaining and informative articles on all things dog!





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