As high temperatures continue, pet product expert PetSafe has put together some tips for keeping dogs happy and healthy in the heat.
● Keep your pet well hydrated during the summer months. Dehydration can potentially result in serious health issues, such as urinary tract infections, kidney disease, even death.
● Access to clean water is essential at all times, but especially when it’s warm. Be alert as thirsty pets will drink from almost anything, leaving them vulnerable to infection from dirty and contaminated water.
● On a walk, take plenty of bottled water.
● On day trips, take a portable bowl and a supply of fresh water to fill it.
● At home, use a weighted bowl or pet fountain, such as a Petsafe Drinkwell fountain, so your dog can’t tip it over and spill it.

Typical signs of heatstroke include:
● Rapid panting.
● Reluctance to exercise and standing still.
● Excessive drooling, with bright red gums and tongue.
● Increased heart rate.
● Feeling hot to the touch (body temperature may be over 40°C, and up to 42°C).
● Vomiting and diarrhoea.

 To avoid heatstroke:
● Never exercise your dog in temperatures above 24°C.
● On a walk, if a dog’s panting becomes continuous, stop immediately and seek shade and water – both to drink and help cool the dog.
● If the dog doesn’t respond to cooling measures, get him to a vet immediately.


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